Our Vision

Mineral Assurance creates a global mining data economy that leads the mining ecosystem towards constructive stakeholder communication.

Mineral Assurance rewards industry participants for contributing to a co-operative platform that drives sustainable financial, environmental and social outcomes.

Mineral Assurance is building the perfect map of the world’s mineral resources.

Mineral Assurance seeks to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the mining development process by:

  • creating a global index for mining and mineral data
  • enabling the online exchange of data by means of a global marketplace
  • enhance the quality of listed data by the comprehensive adoption of internationally accepted data standards
  • ensure the easy use and deployment of data to encourage mine development by making available innovative funding options to the industry
  • assisting licensing authorities to take advantage of the efficiency potential of distributed ledger technologies

What do we mean by sustainability?

World First Opportunity

This cutting-edge technology for the mining industry is currently in its early raising stage. Take advantage of this early opportunity now.

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