Data Exchange

Our platform will become the industry standard for data markets globally.

The Mineral Assurance Platform (MAP) makes industry data valuable in its own right.

Creating a platform to provide advanced analysis using available research data will lead to new insights and the unearthing of mineral resources.

This will inevitably reduce mining project investment risk and raise Return on Investment, enhancing the utilisation by the mining companies of the geoscience data that is uploaded by the individual.

The Mineral Assurance Platform will enable data owners to continuously profit from surfacing their data on a global platform, and therefore decreasing the risk for those who want to invest in mineral exploration and development.

Current Reality

Mineral Assurance at its Core

The Digital Marketplace

We introduce and leverage blockchain technology within a proven digital marketplace to expand value creation.

Distributed ledgers remove the need for intermediaries in transactions, enabling international settlement in minutes, not days.

A peer-to-peer network validates all uploaded information makes data more accurate and reliable.

Our 24 Carat Standards

Mineral Assurance uses blockchain technology to create a new marketplace – a Data Economy – to incentivise participation.

This will create an exponential change within the industry, radically changing the cost profile for new resource exploration, and initiating completely new ways of opening up the world’s mineral wealth.

Our Marketplace and its Stakeholders

Blockchain – The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

In order to change the current industry trajectory from missed opportunities to sustainable growth, we are building a new platform that enables data portability.

The Data Lake

The Data Lake is capable of storing large volumes of unstructured data, and is able to apply and modify the uploaded data structure over time.

The Data Lake’s storage will be distributed to overcome the asymmetries in the current market system.

It will be natively encrypted to prevent exposure of private information, and efficiently sharded to allow reliable access without creating prohibitive storage overheads.

The Data Market

The purpose of the platform is to incentivise the collection, curation, evaluation, enrichment and provision of geoscience data to create a data market, allowing for efficient collation and analysis of geoscience data.

In addition, the creation of applications on top of the platform can provide different interfaces with the underlying data to create new market mechanics.

Transactions for Scalability

Given the potential number of applications accessing the data, and the number of transactions required for different types of market interfaces, transaction processing for different applications must run in parallel with each other without overloading.

Permissioned transactions on the data market, which are recorded on the underlying DHT (Distributed Hash Table), will be validated in parallel by a deterministic group of nodes, prior to being replicated through the DHT.

World First Opportunity

This cutting-edge technology for the mining industry is currently in its early raising stage. Take advantage of this early opportunity now.

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